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Thes are the basis to offer a series of services

About us

BoscoCR is dedicated to developing architectural and engineering projects, ranging from initial concepts to completion of the work. We specialize in creating design ideas with architectural proposals that meet the needs of the developer as well as user and environment necessities. We prepare preliminary designs, blue prints, procedures and construction process development.

Founded under modern concepts of architectural beauty and engineering efficiency, we apply strategies that benefit our customers and future users.

Our Process

Every project is different, each one has its particularities, but there is always a baseline to move forward


  • Interview with the costumer
  • Construction location visits
  • information and idea gathering
  • Preliminary proposals and estimate generation


  • Realize preliminary studies
  • Design defintition development
  • Assure the approval of the customer and institutions
  • Define the physical and economic scope


  • Develop the design and construction plans
  • Permits and procedures
  • Build
  • Complete the project in a satisfying way

Our work

Examples of how our work represents quality and skill.


BoscoCR has at you reach a great variety of services:

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